Workshop Presentation

After completing my presentation I have more of an idea of the direction i want to take this year. I think it went well as i was able to show my previous digital work and portfolio. I was also able to highlight my key skills as well as areas for improvement in which i can use the workshop time to my advantage.

It was also the first time i have used Prezi. I found this a useful tool and certainly a lot more interesting than the standard powerpoint routine and is definitely something i will be using throughout the course of the year. The fact that you can keep it all online as well is another key factor as this eradicates the to and fro ing of keeping files on memory sticks, as even if i lost a memory stick all the presentations will remain online.

At the end of this session we also dabbled with In Design which is a completely new program for me as I have not found a use for it before. However after a quick tutorial I can see how this will greatly improve my portfolio visually and professionally.


First Presentation


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