Wicket Guide – STUMPED

For this task we were put into groups and asked to create a guide explaining the wicket to a beginner aspiring cricketer. To begin with we looked into already existing guides online and used the SCAMPER method to try and reinvent it in a more digital age environment.

We decided to create a sort of E-Magazine that would be set out as a weekly or monthly instalment which explained the many rules and regulations of the cricketing world. We then decided that as the prototype we could incorporate an app version as well, which could potentially increase accessibility.

As the task was to produce a guide explaining the wicket that this would probably be the 4th instalment as first we would have to explain the main guidelines like player positions, field layout and equipment.

I was tasked with compiling the information as i seemed to be the most clued up about cricket. Therefore this task was relatively straight forward as explaining it to a beginner requires a very straight forward and no nonsense approach. The basics of the wicket rather than the exact specification of the height of the wickets and all that technical jargon.14618802_10157525100135545_125707692_o


This was all the info i collected on the topic and then the final piece looked something like this …



Also I have added the logo which was created by Andrew to show more of the branding and the aesthetic feel of the Magazine.



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