Project Development

After the prototype presentation I feel that my idea was not really clear enough. This is mainly due to lack of research into the specific genre i am going for as well as game trailers in general. The genre is important as it will really help to influence the target audience.


My keywords also need some development as 2 out of the 5 were not really specific to the actual brief. The amended key words are

Thriller – The sense of thrill and action, spontaneous excitement

Suspense – The music really felt like it was always about to go somewhere but never really lifting off, this constant sense of build up and anticipation was nail biting and i wanted to reflect this in the trailer.

Espionage – Like something you

Stealth – The piece of music to me was very intense without being to slow and an element of creeping around in the shadows was what i visualised. A Sam Fisher type character using the shadows as part of his strategy.


Pursuit ( in place of visual effects as visual effects is not really directly related to my reaction and interpretation of what the music meant to me.) – The element of chase was very vivid in my mind when listing to the track. The constant cat and mouse scenario looped over and over.

The Target audience was also something that needed some serious thought. Who would i be marketing this game towards and how would the trailer spur their desire.

Initial during the presentation i had envisioned a game trailer, however on further inspection it seems my idea was not a real representation of the in game aesthetics or dynamics.

For example: Halo Wars – Gameplay

Compared to the trailer:

I used this example as it is also a strategy game. However I feel after review this that the game i am creating the trailer for does not really fit into the strategy genre.

Instead games like splinter cell and Hitman are probably a better representation of the kind of content you could expect to see, however as an indie game the styles and cinematic will be simplistic and snappy. A similar simplistic approach to a game called LIMBO.


This is also a sort of puzzle game and the style is a silhouetted foreground with a sort of motion blur background. This idea is really simple yet very effective and i think this kind of style will be the basis for my game trailer.

I plan to make my original idea as i think some games do actually have trailers that are quite different to the actual game like halo as i mentioned above there is also civilisation builder type strategy games where the trailers do no really represent the way the game works as you play through it.

Civilisation 6 Trailer:

Civilisation 6 Game play:


Therefore i aim to create suspense and thrill through a sort of chase sequence. This is perfect as due to the brief there is not allowed to be any dialogue however a chase scene doesn’t need this. It also creates tension and an increased heart rate which hopefully will help the audience to believe in the product and gain interest for it. As trailers don’t always have to show the actual running of the game.

I also hope to do a survey to gauge whether this will be worthwhile and to see whether a more detailed trailer will gather audience even if the trailer doesn’t truly reflect the game but only acts as a sort of feel and general idea of what the game is surrounding.

I aim for the game to be a sort of puzzler, strategy and escape game. However the trailer is more of an epilogue, more to show how you got there rather than what the game itself represents. Sort of an in game cutscene.


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