The 2D 3D Dilemma

After much consideration I have realised that creating 3d elements for the animated trailer will be more difficult and time consuming that I had first imagined. This is mainly because of timing. Unfortunately I have left the 3D elements to late and will not be able to render them and add them in in time for the deadline. Also I think aesthetically 3D elements would look misplaced in the environment and could possibly ruin the feel of the overall trailer.

I will keep the 3D intro as i think this is a nice way to set the scene however compositing the other 3D elements in once the 2D scenario is in motion won’t really add to the animation in any way. Also I am relatively new to using after effects and therefore just getting my bearings with After effects is time consuming as it is without the use of other 3D programs and rendering times etc.

I really want to focus on After effects and I think perhaps I was trying to add to many different elements which could make the trailer look clunky and a bit misshapen.


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