The Project So Far….

I now have a week left for the first project and so far it is going to plan. I have managed to upload most of my footage to premiere and I am now focusing on editing it and making sure the music drives the piece as best i can.Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 19.00.08.png

I still need to polish up a few areas and re render some scenes but thats just nit picking really. From my initial presentation i feel that the end result is looking pretty much exactly how i pictured. Granted the 3d elements have not come to fruition but other than that the storyline has really helped me plan the timing and i have stuck to it quite vigorously. I will need to colour correct though as the scenes are all quite different somehow and this will hopefully tie everything together quite neatly.

Using after effects, illustrator and Premiere in this project has so far been very quick to learn and almost intuitive to pick up. This is definitely a plus as i feel that this project will definitely be added to my portfolio as it really shows off some after effects skill and illustrator work. As a motion graphic designer these are some of the skills that are most relevant along with 3d software (Cinema4D). Therefore I feel like using these programs is getting quicker and quicker which can only be a good thing.


One thought on “The Project So Far….

  1. cool, that you feel you’ve benefitted. do an update post as this is a week ago now. perhaps a final evaluation post following some testing and feedback?


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