Project One Testing and Feedback

For this task I used survey monkey as it is a free survey website therefore an easy, cheap and effective way to gather information on the game trailer advert.

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These are the questions I asked and the responses were very interesting. Overall I only recieved 8 feedback responses which is not a huge amount however it definitely helped me to define certain areas that could do with some improvement.

Having said this the overall response was definitely quite positive.

There was also a feedback section which a few filled out:

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 23.23.56.png

This indicates that the 2D/3D mixture was not positively received and therefore I am quite glad I made the decision to eliminate the majority of the 3D elements and only keep the initial intro sequence as adding more could have made the transitions even more ‘odd’ which was my main concern when figuring out the role of 3D within this project.

The visuals and audio combination was clearly defined and this was made apparent in question 3. This was very positive feedback as this was one of the aims of the project and the only other feedback was positive stating that the “changes aligned well with any variations in the music.” This has made me feel quite positive about that specific aim of the project. The main aim was to let the audio drive the visuals and in question 4 there was a very clear understanding of the audio role within the piece with all responses stating that this was made apparent within the trailer.

The first question was there to really understand the level of which gaming was a part of the respondents lives. This helped me to assess knowledge of games and more specifically trailers for them. This lead nicely into question 2. As this trailer was meant to be used as a teaser for the game and not include any actual gameplay I wanted to gauge how effective it was in creating an interest in the game. The response for this was fairly positive however this information raised several critical points about the trailer. Finding out that it wasn’t attractive to some was a concern. However this may be due to generally just not being interested in gaming as some of the question 1 responses indicate.

The 5 and final question is where this survey really heats up and the more negative feedback is addressed. I say this as the comments are not great to be honest and this feedback was a hit to me it really gave me a chance to understand the trailer from an outside perspective and realise that actually not everyone thinks the way i do and has been immersed with the idea from day 1. In short it really helped me to detach from the project and look at it from a different angle.

Although it is realistically to late to make any drastic changes to the trailer the feedback really helped mould my understanding of other peoples understanding of what this product was and how effective it could be in a real world scenario. From this point if I had more time to change things or add things it would definitely have to be a clearer understanding of character roles although being a teaser trailer I am not sure that this would be necessary at this stage of the games life span.

Overall the feedback process has been very helpful for the project and I now know the benefits of using this method for feedback and testing. Moving forward in this final year I will definitely be undergoing more arduous feedback processing as it is a great way to get customer feedback and experience responses which is a massive part of any design process.






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