Final Evaluation – Project 1

Overall the project has been a positive experience, however there are definitely areas for improvement that I have picked up on. For instance time management. This is something that I never really dealt with and this has become an apparent weakness for me and is definitely something that needs to be addressed.

In terms of the actual animation I feel that it really works to the brief and although it might not be completely clear what the product is, what is certain is that the music drives the visuals which is key. I learnt a lot through this process especially using after effects and premiere. As these are tools I’ve not really experimented with before nothing went too drastically wrong and i feel the techniques I’ve learnt through this task will definitely come in handy in the future.

In terms of making this advertisement play internationally and more so to be understood on an international level it doesn’t need much to be transferable. The only text within the animation is the intro and this text can easily be altered and translated in different languages. The 2D section is I think very easy to present to any audience over the age of say 15 – 16 as most people wherever you are from are aware of the cat and mouse type story-line and spy films and that kind of aesthetic.

Adobe Illustrator was also a massive part of this project however I feel like all the skills I used for this I already knew however the practice was a welcome refresher.

I do feel that in a way i rushed into this project without really thinking about other ideas or concepts and left myself in a bit of a pickle in regards to what the actual project was about. I didn’t really drive it in a business sense and as an advert it should really showcase more aspects of the game rather than just creating a short story to act as a teaser trailer. It had a good effect on people and most people reacted positively in the survey however I feel that if i had planned this in a more formal way I would have got way more out of it. It is however a very good piece for my portfolio as it shows the use of the adobe suite package and also a working knowledge of Cinema 4D which is what a motion graphics designer skill set requires. Therefore where i must focus my skills and reflect said skills in my portfolio/show reel for this year in order to fully promote myself and my skill set within an animation type role.

Moving forward from the first project of the year I know now the type of things i will be asked to create and present for the next task, I have a lot of pointers as to making it run a lot smoother than the first. These include and are not limited too:

Time Management



Idea Creation / Critical Thinking




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