Practice Based Research

Exegesis – Critical analysis of a piece of work or source material.

Practice by thinking

Practice by Reading

Secondary reading and primary practice inform each other. This means that there is research that should inform your practical piece while also using practice to inform problems with in it and therefore using secondary reading research to help guide the project.

Practice based research is not just reading about what someone else has done it can also be practical and informed by problem solving using online sources and testing / feedback.

It is also not just your own finished piece there needs to be research shown about how and why you have made the decisions you have. It needs to be informed with research.

Reflective Practitioner Cycle

Image result for kolb learning styles

Active experimentation – Trying out the idea

Concrete Experience – Doing it – Recording data

Reflective Observation – Reading data and asking questions about it

Abstract Conceptualisation – Making the response to the problem / The idea


Tutorials are important and i need to focus on these and make notes to justify decisions i make on my work. After Project 1 i definitely feel that i need to add more thinking to my blog workbook as it was quite bare for project one and looking at previous students work it is clear that there needs to be more practice research in my blog workbook.


Possible things to test for the prototype would be:


Size of Pictures and Text for an over 65 Market


Colour of background with colour of text  for 65 Market



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