The Generational Tech Balance

I have decided to do some research into the older generation and how they are responding to such a massive increasing in the internet, computers and just generally how tech savvy “The generation that tech forgot” really are.

In a recent survey – Technology and Older People Carried out by Age Uk they stated:

 “Forty per cent of the 65+ age group in the UK in 2010 have never used the internet. This equates to approximately 4 million people. The over-65s are still less likely than other age groups to have ever used the internet, but the number of people aged 65+ who are using the internet is rising more rapidly than any other age group – from 30 per cent in 2008 to 36 per cent in 2009.

Where people in later life have access to the internet, 59 per cent of people aged 65+ use it every day.6 Active internet users aged 65 and above spend on average almost 42 hours online every month – more than any other age group. Thirty-two per cent of all adults aged 65 or over (about 3.2 million) have used the internet in the last three months, compared to 72 per cent of 55–64-year-olds and an all-age average of 77 per cent.

The 65+ figure is rising fastest in this category (from 26 per cent in the last three years). The lower 65+ figure partly reflects the fact that fewer in this age group have access at the workplace.”

This clearly shows that contrary to my originals beliefs it is becoming more and more common for old people to be browsing and using sites like Skype and Facetime to keep up with loved ones and relatives. It is obvious that although there is still a large percentage that aren’t tech savvy (the majority) there is still an ever growing and rising population that are using the internet every day. This is definitely good to know for future reference and means that a website that is made must also be compatible and easy to use for the older generation as well. Also having video and digital flyers online is now a possibility as there is now a greater chance of online traffic not only with the younger relatives but also with the 65+ generation themselves.

This graph is from 2014 and is worldwide so we can assume that there is definitely a larger percentage of 55+ year old that are more technology and internet aware, and computer literate.


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