Design Source Material – Research

To start with I looked at magazine covers and found a graphic designer by the name of Chip Kidd. He has created covers for magazines, album artwork and also books but my favourite piece is for rolling stone: 

I really enjoy this almost barbershop approach. The use of the noughties iconography – by taking the two o’s in the title and using this to show a decade – means that as well as an interesting design the tagline is short and sweet but we can instantly understand the message on the cover. The juxtaposition of the barbershop revival of around 1930’s style with mixed in with the message of the decade of 2000 -10 is also a very interesting decision.


Greyscale Gorilla is a huge source of inspiration for me. I am constantly checking out there tutorials and not only are they informative and very technical they also manage to stay on trend and are always creating quality content. The best sorts of things for this project will be looking at typography altough i will not be creating it in 3D the design concepts are still solid and these tutorials help with understanding the principles as well as executing the design.

Another quality example of graphic design is the info-graphic


This is an example by Neomam explaining the postie results on the brain when using an info-graphic to display information. I am especially keen on this kind of design as it is engaging and when i am designing my leaflets instead of simply filling it with words full of info maybe break it down into illustrated images and simple facts so the information is easier to digest. Infographs are a great way of bringing quite dull data to life and making it more approachable and appealing to the reader.

I also looked at adverts as the leaflet is in a way an advert for the top tip products. Therefore I have chosen this piece of work from instagram to act as inspiration for my leaflets. This is more of a flyer but the design is very efficient.


Also it makes the phone number and the address very obvious and this is what i need to show in the leaflets. It is very clear what is on offer and i need to reflect this same simplicity in my designs.


The last source of glorious knowledge nuggets comes from digital arts online. This fascinating article about how brands are reverting to old logos to insight feelings of nostalgia within customers is fascinating. I find this very interesting as we were at the museum of brands recently and this was not mentioned however the whole nostalgia thing was definitely a big part of the trip. But does this really effect popularity within a brand?

” “It’s simply logical to keep one of the world’s most famous marks at the forefront of the company’s image and identity,” he says.

But is it just “simply logical”? Or is it strategic, even essential, in today’s market where longstanding brands desperately need to stand out against a wave of new start-ups? ”

This is a deep quote and really makes you think about brand loyalty and logo continuity. This would definitely make sense as well as if a logo was new and not recognisable to previous logos it could well get lost in the sea of new start – ups.



One thought on “Design Source Material – Research

  1. yeah good sources. Be really interested to see what the NCC brand values come across as with the public, both the reaction to the name and the reaction to the look of the logo. what does it say to the public and then what does it say to your target group?


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