Leaflet Design and Content

To properly understand the design process I have looked at several sources of inspiration to see how best to approach the design of the leaflet.

To start with I looked at more medical focused graphic design to see if i could replicate a medical style in a leaflet design

Medical Graphic Design

However this is not really the kind of aesthetic look i am going for as it is more about the information than the logo design. Therefore I decided to look at typodgraphy and fonts to see whether this would be a big part of the design process.

Typography and Fonts

I realise now that this will play a big part in the testing as the font size and type is key in helping get the best and most appealing design to the target market.

I then looked into printed materials for the older generation and how best to strategize and present the information.

Making Your Printed Health Materials Senior Friendly

  • Avoid complex diagrams. Charts and graphs that require interpretation or the ability to compare information in different rows or columns can be confusing for older readers.
  • Limit the number of key points. Try to stick with three to five points per section. Make your message brief to help compensate for possible short-term memory limitations.


Hopefully my diagram for the grabber will be understandable as i think it is quite a simplistic design however only time and testing will tell and after the feedback session I will be able to make a more informed decision.

Another piece of feedback I got during the presentation was the phone number and making it large and obvious so that it is easy for the target market to navigate to in order to gather more info. Therefore I have created another two prototypes ready for testing.



This clearly shows the number and is not text heavy at all although this is just the front page of the leaflet but hopefully will prove more eye catching than the others.

I also looked into colour theory however green background with red text really didn’t look great complimentary colours work but with text the white just popped out more although the top text is maybe a bit bright?

Once we have tested the leaflets I can then make the rest of them as they will all be pretty much the same design with different content / top tips. This means that creating a solid generic design is really important. Of course little bits will be different to suite the design of the product but over all colours and type will remain a solid theme throughout all leaflets.

Also once we have our own photos to use i will be putting these in the leaflets the ones there now are really just place holders until we have are own as then there will be no copyright issues when our final project is finished.

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 18.02.54.png

In this prototype I have tried to make the information as simplistic as possible and after reading up on printed health materials have only added a few bullet points. The feedback in the presentation was also to make the leaflets less wordy as the general consensus was that it was a bit too much and as a result made it look a bit too cluttered which is a bit off putting and disparaging for what is some quite basic information about the grabber.




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