Portfolio Design Research

I need a good knowledge of what i need to put in my portfolio / website and the layout of it. Especially because this needs to look professional as I will be showing it to potential clients and employers. Therefore it needs to look as sophisticated as possible while also showing off my skills within motion graphics.

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 17.20.49.png


Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 17.22.31.png


Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 17.28.54.png


Looking at these it is clear that they all have quite a simple layout. They are all using images as hyperlinks to the work. Upon clicking these more information is available about each piece and this is definitely something i should include in my own portfolio.

It is clear however that i need to improve on whats actually in my portfolio as i need pieces of work that show my skills as a motion graphics designer therefore i will have to undertake several projects using cinema 4D and after effects to really highlight these skills. Also some typography work is a must as an essential part of motion graphics is graphic design and typography plays heavily in this industry, even more so if it is a moving graphic.

I think a website will definitely be the way to go as it looks very professional to have as a portfolio and is very easily accessible to all. Therefore I have also been looking at branding and identity. I have come up with an idea. Mostly for identity and if i make a website it could be very handed in the future if i start to think about freelance work.



Obviously as I’ve seen in most of the websites I’ve looked at i will need a range of different things to really showcase my real talents and also show that i am versatile. If i can show some typography pieces as well as 2d / 3d animation this should show my different skills.

Having a logo is definitely a positive and the more recognition it gets the stronger it becomes. Therefore a solid starting point but these quick designs barely scrape the surface and a lot more thought needs to go in to colour theory and very simple and effective logo designs.

Image result





2 thoughts on “Portfolio Design Research

  1. good that you have put the links here but aim to use clearer Harvard Referencing for your blog and it will help you to cite your research.


  2. good that you have put the links here but aim to use clearer Harvard Referencing for your blog and it will help you to cite your research.
    What does professional actually mean?
    You need to start thinking about how you will know that you have included the right content. Was your review of content sufficient are there any other types of research you can do to get some “insider” tips and tricks?
    How long is the ideal clip or piece of work?
    How will you test the portfolio when we meet in March? Think of ways you can gather data about whether your design works.


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