Testing Feedback and Survey Plan

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 16.42.22.png

These are my notes from the meeting with an occupational therapist named Moira, who works for NCC. The majority of my questions were answered as well as her explaining to me that the second design (Leaflet Design B) was probably the most appropriate in terms of colour scheme and brand guidelines. The font is another thing I will have to change so that it matches the brand guidelines which state Arial is a must. She was very pleased with the diagrams so the next challenge is making this work for all of the items so far i have tried with the microwave and the veg basket which i also tested in our tutorial with jools.


Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 16.49.26.png

Although the feedback wasn’t as positive for the vegetable basket in the tutorial I feel that after the feedback session with Moira that they could work if there is a constant theme and also suggestive features i.e easy grip handle, hassle free pre set functions. etc.

What was also made apparent in the OT feedback is that there are options to buy ready made frozen meals for the council for use in the microwave at home therefore i was told to add this into the leaflets with all the other information so that people are aware of this service in the microwave leaflet.  Also to make sure that it is obvious that the smaller objects will be self funded. However i will not add this in the leaflets as it could put people off investigating further into the top tips available to them and directing them to the website.

I have also sent round a Survey to a few peers using survey monkey as they are more of the target audience age and so this feedback will be interesting to see from the perspective of the target audience. Here is the link to the survey and questions etc :


Hopefully this will also get some interesting results. For the mean time now i will be focusing on finalising the leaflet design and also creating the diagrams for the leaflets. However I am not certain this will gather much information which is a shame as I am running out of options to test.

Josh has done another focus group which he showed them my leaflets so i will have to get the information about that focus group of him as well. As this could influence the design.

Some more feedback on Tuesday from an industry proffesional and it seems maybe the Useful Info section is quite busy with the blue curves behind the text. Maybe taking these out and just leaving the background green would make it easier to read.final-top-tip-1-02

As opposed to this



Actually I think this works well and makes the text a lot clearer. This works nicely and I think i will amend my final pieces to take these curves out. Initially i put them in to act as some sort of continuity from the swish on the front page however looking at the before and afters i can see how different and how much clearer it looks.






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