Leaflet Progression and Testing

Now that I have managed to get some feedback I can now go ahead with creating the final design.

I will add all the top tips here as and when they are finished. Obviously the grabber was first as this one was already pretty much finished however i did swap the images out as Christine managed to get some of her own which i could use for the leaflets originally the angle was different on the initial leaflet so luckily i made it work with the photos Christinefinal-top-tip-1-01


gave me and i also made a new diagram with the photos i was given. I decided to really polish up the whole design as this is now finalised and all that is changing really is the information inside.

Unfortunately for the tap leavers i have not been given any photos of them or even anyone using them so unfortunately for this leaflet I have had to use photos from the internet. This is a shame as the grabber photos worked really nicely.



However I have now realised that there are images of the taps so i will use them instead. I also have to take out the blue stripes as this looks too busy and may be more difficult to read. tapwrongphoto

I found the photos that were taking by a member of our group and decided to use them as they fit really well with the theme of the leaflets. I decided to play around with image as the first photo i used made it really difficult to fit the main focus of the tap levers in. I tried to rearrange the photo to give more space but it didn’t work. As you can see in this the interesting part of the image is sort of crammed up at the top leaving a lot of empty space.


You can see in this image that the tap levers are more centred, and the there is less empty space. I decided on this one to move the title to integrate with the object at hand as it was suggested to me in a feedback session with a industry professional. However I am unsure this will work with all product photos and it could lose some continuity and theme if the titles are all over the place.



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