Costing Information and Strategy

If we say to print 10,000 as a starting point to figure out general costing prices and see what good deals are out there.

10,000 / 8 top tips = 1250 of each tip.

I have no idea of the scale of this campaign if the leaflets were used so for now ill stick with this as if there is not enough there can always be more made.

Depending on paper quality the pricing is different however stick to the basic paper now as i feel this is nothing fancy and just trying to get the information out there and circulating the general public and more importantly the target audience.

Instant PrintCapture.PNG

Hello PrintCapture1.PNG



We can see from this that Instant print is considerably cheaper compared to the rest and would probably be the one i went for. As for the quality of the paper I dont think much consideration has to be taken as the leaflets are meant for handing out reading then chucking its not something someone is going to frame and put on there mantel piece so therefore the cheaper the better.







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