C-TEX UK Marketing Campaign 3rd Project

Online Colour Matching

  • c-tex colour: has been designed to eliminate colour mismatching in garments and other sewn goods.
  • c-tex colour: monitors colour deviation of rolls throughout the length and at 3 points across the width.
  • c-tex colour: then batches together rolls with consistent colour to be ready for cutting together.


For Project 3 we have been tasked with marketing and advertising a specific hardware and mainly software that allows textile manufacturers to check colouring and dyeing. This is too prevent colour mismatching when sending rolls to garment manufacturers. It monitors the whole roll and 3 points across the width to ensure accuracy and consistency.


We have been tasked with creating 3 videos for the client and these involve:

Item 1: A sales video to introduce the problem we are addressing and our solution

Item 2: A Pre Install video so that customers can prepare for the arrival of their equipment

Item 3: A training video so that customers can start using the equipment well.

It became apparent in today’s lecture that the most useful way to use my 3D skills would be in the training videos as this would help show how it works while also using motion graphics to inform and teach the user about the equipment.

The key areas with this are:

Language – As this is an international product it needs to be transferable to any languages. There are a lot of sales overseas and agents that will sell the product to solely make money rather than to cater for the customers needs. Therefore there needs to be videos which clearly explain the product on offer and how it can benefit the user. This will also help with consistency of message and training so that there is always a way for users to train staff on the software and also make their own adjustments as and when needed.

Company Ethos – They are also a relatively new start up at only 3 years old The company and the environment within the textile / garment industry is “unprofessional” this means that it is not a suit and tie corporate affair. We have been asked to make this very clear in the videos. To understand that the company’s core values are more about getting the product out there and trying to make a difference in the industry. As well as concentrating on a few individual projects and really nurturing them and polishing them, making them as flawless and easy to use as possible without expanding and branching out into other avenues to quickly. In short they are not a get rich quick scheme and the opposite of a faceless corporation and they really want this to shine through in the videos.

I will start some research now into more instructional and 3D videos to try and understand what is being asked of me and also for some much needed inspiration. Also youtube and lynda tutorials will come in very handy for this project as i have a feeling a certain amount of 3D modelling will be needed and this is an area i struggle in. However the actual motion controls should be relatively easy to animate.


C-TEX Online Colour Monitoring


One thought on “C-TEX UK Marketing Campaign 3rd Project

  1. this was 2 days ago man with the pitch on Monday so what’s happened with the research? how has this informed your contribution to video 1/2/3 ?


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