Sales Video Showing Problem, Solution and benefits of the product – Conceptual and prototype ideas.


The Concept for this is family and friendly. Meaning to show the company in a friendly way as a laid back and relaxed environment.Image result for coloured 3d ribbons

The problem.

It will involve graphics and 3D to help show the current issue within the textile industry. Highlighting the T-Shirt with seemingly matching colours then a zoom in will reveal that they are unfortunately slightly different shades. I think using ribbons for this could look quite cool to replicate the threads of the material. Or we could use 3D blocks to replicate the colour swatches which is used in the old method of colour matching.

A few different options here:

Also i have a prototype of a logo screen being rolled out. Laid across five separate carpets. This looks really cool and i will add it into my progress post. I could also make it look a lot more professional with a proper high res image and adding some masks and effects in after affects.

The solution.

I will then show not the solution but the desired outcome and simplifying the process. This will involve showing a similar shot to the problem but now with correctly colour matched items. Also it will show a traffic light system to show the functionality of the product and although the traffic light system is in the software it will help to so how the software works without actually showing the software.

Image result for 3D TRAFFIC LIGHT

Image result for 3D c4d TSHIRT SIDE BY SIDEImage result for 3D c4d TSHIRT SIDE BY SIDE


How to use.

This will mainly be filmed and i don’t think much 3D will be used as it would be more advantageous to use filming so that techniques like stop motion or maybe a time lapse of people working can be used. It will show basic installation as it really just needs to be placed on top of the rolling station. Then also a bit of the software as this is the main element of the usability. This would all look a lot more professional using real footage as it would be useful to show the customer the real product in motion to give them a feel for what they’re actually buying.


Show that it is cost effective and Time effective this could be very easily shown by making comparisons as a sort of motion graphic typography thing.


Like this but with facts about costs and timing etc. Also show shots of the employees playing pool and all the games that they have at the factory. To show the relaxed friendly environment as this is really what we want people to buy in to. As the product speaks for itself but the sales video should help to show personalty within the company.



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