Other Conceptual Ideas and Relevant 3D segments


The dinosaur concept is about how old technology could not do the same job as the CTEX equipment.

by taking old stock footage of factory workers and basic machinery and then transition this into bright colours and fancy new equipment. This could also work nicely with the fact that the machine is effectively a colour corrector and the transition could be colour leaking into the black and white footage.

It could almost prompt the customer to become aware of the system that they might be using and how the C-TEX equipment could greatly improve there quality of production and cut production costs.

This was the only example i could think of as once you complete a mission or defeat a boss the colour turns from black and white to colour however i was thinking of more of an ink spreading effect.

The 3D elements in this would probably again be the actual machinery when the new part comes into screen as with the right lighting and colour grading it could make it look really high tech and desirable.

Talking Heads – This is an odd concept and I am not sure why people were so keen on it as really it is pointless as this would involve loads of talking which is the complete opposite of what the client is looking for as there main target audience is a foreign international market and just having spoken English would work here but could be a bit of a drag and also a bit confusing for there international clients. I am also uncertain of what exactly would be in 3D as this really wouldnt make sense if all the people were 3D so i am really failing to see the relevance of this concept as it leaves me relatively no work as it solely relies on a still shot pretty much interviewing everyone that works there.

Family / Friendly

This is the concept that we have chosen and I have outlined the 3D elements as well as a basic run through/ storyboard in the previous blog posts so check those out for more info.


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