Pre-Installation Video – Concepts and Storyboards

The pre-installation video will be a mixture of all the different practices – Graphics, 3D and video. This will involve shots of the physical machine (Hardware) and also shots of the software and how to install, system requirements (NO MAC OR LINUX).

Parts of the hardware will be made in 3D as it will be easier to film harder to reach areas in virtual reality space. It also means that parts can be pulled apart and deconstructed without damaging any real equipment. It also eliminates the majority of the language barrier issues and problems.

Image result for 3d machine factory


Image result for 3d usb in port

It would also be really quick and easy to animate a usb being inserted into a port showing the key stage of the pre installation. Then we could show the install process on a 3d computer with key points marked out and brief text talking about what to do to install.

Then cut to the machine working real footage and a brief message to say once its installed watch the training video.

ctex uk.


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