Training Video – Concepts and Storyboards

The training video as with all the videos will begin and end with the C-TEX sting and this will help introduce the product and should act as a friendly face and a welcoming wave to start the training.

Then the training will begin initial it will start with setting up the hardware properly and show how to use it effectively as well as a few troubleshooting pointers sort of like a FAQ bit, too save time if something goes wrong with the actual machinery. This will be filmed as it could be filmed in the actual factory and could help to put the friendly approachable message across as you could film other workers in the factory and generally get a good atmosphere from having real faces as well as then going on to mix in 3D training with the software.

This will be easy to do as a screen capture could run through it quite quickly then all that needs to be done is adding the magnified parts and a few bullet points to show exactly whats going on. The screen grab will be masked on to a 3D computer and this should help this part of the training to be as less boring as possible and hopefully some animated text and other things happening will be more interesting than someone just talking through each step. Also this would be more difficult and ineffective with international clients.


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