Using Facebook to communicate within the group.

As this is a group project it is essential to keep a high level of communication to ensure that the project runs smoothly throughout its lifespan of 3/4 weeks.  Therefore there is a facebook group chat which we use to communicate daily on the current problems and issue of the project as well as collaborations and keeping the Project manager Adam informed.


There is also a facebook group which is used for sharing research and also a product pipeline / workflow.


As well as this i also have a facebook chat with Raed, my teammate in this project. Although we are all in one big group we have been separated into a few different sub teams to highlight our specialities so me and Raed are in the 3D Team.


As well as this we have all been meeting up more regularly to finalise concepts and on Sunday we will be finalising prototypes and doing a few practice runs for the presentation on Monday.

I hope this level of communication stays and also gets better as it is a good starting point and puts us all in a good position for the rest of the project. Improving on this can only be a good thing and is a lot more useful than it was in the last project as there is a lot more communication.





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