Concepts and Prototypes

The first two were presented to the client and seem to go down well with them. They are only shot snippets of work to show more of the elements than a whole video.

The last one is where i started to piece together an actual story flow the elements were relatively simply to create and creating motion within these elements is something i feel quite comfortable doing. The tricky part for me was and still is lighting and rendering. IE knowing which settings work best and will give the best effects and lighting for the final render. I chose these colours as they relate directly to the c-tex logo colours and also are light and friendly which also relates to the friendly concept creating a light and fun yet simplistic way of showing the problem/solution.

I hope to mask some of the first video as a layer on to the last video where the circles appear as this should emulate a sort of magnifying effect on the material to show the same colour t shirt but when zoomed in there is a slightly more obvious colour difference between the two.



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