“Friendly” Design Ideas

After reviewing my 3D prototypes for the C-Tex videos, i have realised that the animations do not completely represent the friendly concept that has been approved by C-Tex following the presentation on monday. Therefore i need to look at what exactly would make the animations more friendly through a variety of different techniques.

Easy Ease / F-Curve manipulation

Firstly I think using easy ease would help tremendously with the flow of the animation. It would help to show smoother and softer transitions. Therefore hopefully giving a more friendly feel to the animation. Some examples…

An explanation of easing through traditional animation techniques. This is useful information as it can explain the technique but not so much within 3D programs like Cinema 4D. However i feel that this can be easily replicated in c4d.

This technique tutorial:

However this still just looks like Ease in not both. I will have to do some experiments with C4D to see if i can create a smoothed out animation. Key framing is very important in this process and can definitely help the animation to flow in a much more fluid way.

This could also work and seems to be a bit more fluid but could look a bit too bouncy.

Hyper – Nurbs

This is a technique that is used in 3d to smooth the actual edges of the model therefore similar to the smoothing keyframes but this technique actually applies to 3d model. This could also help to create a friendly atmosphere by creating an all round softer and more inviting animation.

As you can see from these images there is a huge difference from using this effect and not. You can see in photo 2 the left rat head is using HyperNurbs and the right without. I think this effect could help the animation become more visually appealing as well as keeping to the “Friendly” concept.

Modelling and Animating a Rat with HyperNurbs

Subdivision Surfaces


By simply smoothing edges of the t-shirt design in my original prototype (3) it would be quite simple to add this effect and recreate a much softer smoother animation creating a much more friendly, welcoming and kinder looking animation. It could help also help with the “unproffessional” company atmosphere, as it could make the animation look slightly cartoony. however this would have to be tested in my development /prototype work to see if it could prove effective.



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