Feedback Session

I asked a few people to give some feedback on my progress so far:

What I want feedback on?

Friendly concept –

Is it obvious what is being shown?

  • You seem to have a good understanding of the concept and now realise that you need to incorporate this in to your 3D designs.
  • You have a good understanding of what ideas you want to be put in to each videos.
  • T-shirt animation is great; could you make the t-shirts look more realistic using nurbs and fabric textures?
  • Lots of research and training videos have been looked at which is great.
  • Check out the animations on this lenor advert, is this something you could replicate?


Other Comments

  • If you have difficulties ease easing in C4D would it be possible to export the file in to after effects and do it this way?
  • Discuss your communication with Raed and how your individual work fits together.

I now need to get to work on creating a fabric type cube thing. The animation part will be relatively simple however getting the right texture and bump map to create a realistic render will be the hard part then i can integrate the two in post using after effects.


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