Cubic Texture Testing

For creating a texture for the fabric i thought it would be nice to add some motion. and creating a sense of enlarging the fabric to a macro level. For this i used cinema 4D and then rendered using different CEL renders to add growth to the piece.


I found this video and thought i could try and replicate it in a way. To show fabric texture but also to be visually interesting to draw in attention. This is conceptually sound and i think using some of my previsou design ideas could come in handy. By using not hypernurbs but filleting to curve off the edges making a smoother looking cube.


This is the piece i have rendered recently, unfortunately the quality is really poor just to speed up the process but the final piece will be better quality.


This is really to show the problem for the sales video, although after watching this i realise the drop in quality was because i put it through premier and then through after effects as i had some issues with transitioning so, it has been quite heavily edited. Also after some much needed feedback i have realised that there are still little spots of white in the wavy part and this is a bit confusing also the waves are a bit random and if they could be more uniform it would look a lot smoother and aid the friendly concept.

Another idea would be to add this texture footage to the first draft edit. the shirt showing the moving texture when zoomed in could look very flash and attractive to the eye. I also need to think about the computer program aspect of the video and show a computer running the c-Tex software.

I am quite pushed for time and Raed has said he will make one also so for now i think i will download a pre-made model off the internet and use this as a placeholder just to get the storyboard in motion. A nice looking one i found online – Computer Model

I also need to look at modelling the colour scanners for the installation video. This could be quite simplistic as if i make a simple and basic looking machine and then highlight the sensors on the machine in detail then it could have quite an interesting effect and really helps draw your eyes to the important parts of the machine hardware.

Something like this for example where the key ares are highlighted. could also use the C-Tex RGB colour scheme to highlight these parts.

I have also found a very effective After effects video which eradicates the transitioning problem i had with the previous cube texture testing. Therefore this should hopefully eradicate the poor quality and compression. This has been done by using some very technical expressions but should help to speed up the whole process. So i am looking forward to trying this out for myself.

More to come soon….


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