Cube Texture and T-Shirt Problem Experiments

After testing this with my tutorial group, it became apparent that maybe the velocity and randomness of the cubes could be a bit of an eye sore as there was quite a lot to focus on. Also there were patches of white from the underlying plane object. Therefore I have been experimenting with the falloff of the displacer to see if i could get a more uniform wave pattern to effect the cubes.

It took me ages to render the first draft for this so as time is of the essence i decided to run them through a quick test render rather then rendering them on full settings (Global Illumination, Multi Pass, Etc). To get rid of the white patches I also shortened the turbulence of the displacer so the cubes remained closer together. I also added a compositing tag to the white plane and unticked the seen by camera box. I double checked there were no visible white patches but just to be on the safe side when it comes to rendering the final elements.screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-16-00-33screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-16-00-41

The final Edit

There is now a more uniform wave across the whole animation which i think improves the way it looks but in terms of the texture i think it takes away from the fluidity of the piece. However i will show both approaches to the project manager on Sunday to see which he prefers for the final draft of Video 1.

I also looked into incorporating this design method into my original t-shirt problem animation. As i think combining the two could work really nicely.

Also i looked at altering the f-curves of the keyframes to ease in and out the t-shirts this really helped the Friendly design concept element for the final draft.

I also looked at adding HyperNurbs, however this seemed to make the t-shirts look even more abnormal so I did a version of them without sleeves but leaving the hypernurbs on to stick with the friendly theme.

However it is now more of a round fabric cutout than a t- shirt. It could look like the front panel of a t-shirt at a push but this was really just experimental work too see what the effects of my friendly design ideas could render.




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