Final Video 1 Animations

My final contribution to the sales video for c-tex – Although they will both be getting used in the first video the second one (computer screen cap) will also be predominantly used for the training video (video 3)

For the cube section of the video i used an extra shape layer made it green, lowered the opacity and then added a slight blur to show the colour variation in the fabric. However i still think it looks pretty basic as the shape layer is slower than the wave therefore creating a strange unwanted effected. This might just be my eye picking up tiny details which are not noticeable to others.

I am still not happy with the tracking of the logo on the computer screen in this. I spent a while yesterday trying several different methods like using mocha an inbuilt add on for after effects, the after effects motion tracker and finally i came to add a big green dot in the centre of the computer screen in cinema 4d before i rendered it, so that it was clear i was trying to track a specific point and not just the whole computer screen.

Raed created this computer and then sent it to me which definitely helped to speed up the whole process as his modelling skills are definitely better than mine. All i needed to do was add a dynamic camera movement and then render it out to use in After Effects.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 11.25.49.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 11.31.41.png

I still need to create content for the second video – Pre Installation.

I have been tasked to create the chromatic sensors in a 3D environment so that they can be show the parts that a physical camera cannot access.


Hopefully something similar to this with the moving parts but also its not very highly detailed which is the look i am going for in the time we still have left to create more content for the videos.


One thought on “Final Video 1 Animations

  1. Both videos are nice but not quite there yet. video 1- there needs to be a slight delay on the zoom so one can see the colour difference on the fabric. also not sure that the wave reads ok here without text (or VO which we can’t do). Not sure one will understand what is going on, though accept that the market is different to myself.
    Video 3- yeah the tracking is still off. Also does the CTex colour program not fill the whole screen? loos odd being offset like that


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