3D C-TEX Colour Scanner Development

A few screenshots of different styles and renders of the basic machine focusing on sensors and the flower pattern LED lights.

I really enjoyed the visual impact of the cel render (Top Photo) and was a bit disappointed that i didn’t give myself more time to experiment with this render setting as it looks quite graphical and technical, therefore could have worked really nicely with the whole purpose of the pre installation video. However I am not sure how “friendly” this design idea is. Sort of makes everything look like an Ikea instruction book. Good on them for trying but everyone knows how “Friendly” dealing with the construction of Ikea flat pack can be.untitled-0009untitled-0008untitled-0007untitled-0006untitled-0005screen-shot-2017-02-02-at-15-28-01untitled-0001untitled-0004untitled-0013untitled-0003untitled-0012untitled-0002untitled-0011untitled-0000untitled-0010

Unfortunately i forgot to save this and it crashed so thats me now just spent double the time on this. I am very annoyed at myself however it has given me time to re think my strategy for this piece of work and absolutely nail the dimensions and the consistency of each individual sensor. So you know …. silver lining?

I am also rushed for time at this point so rendering everything with full render settings just is not looking likely as this would render way on past the hand in, so instead of waiting for 1 more video to render in full high spec i have decided just to render the essentials and some key lighting as well to speed up this process. I can always fully render it at a later stage if it is needed for project 5, where this video will actually be used.

I have however added some fully rendered screen grabs of some key elements of the animation to give a feel of what the fully fledged animation will look like once rendered and here they are:

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 19.37.23.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-02 at 19.27.30.png

I really like the really dark almost luminous effect.

There was an issue with the first render as the lighting looked very strange when the light sensors were pointed directly at camera:


they just sit at a really awkward height. Therefore this was really the only issue i had with this render and here is the altered final version for the final submission.

The main purpose of this video was to show of the light pattern and LEDs there is no call outs yet but i envision this animation with a few call outs explaining the details of the machine and the reason behind the light patterns. It is a model of the actual machine but very basic as it was really just to highlight the sensors.



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