For the 4th instalment of this blog, I will be undergoing a competition brief. There were 3 options available to us – Young Creative Nottingham, Young Creative Network and D and AD. Both these sites over some very interesting competitions and i have spent a while looking through these sites and figuring out the best way to approach these.

So far i have pinned down two….

Met Office


Grown Up Chocolate Company

However having mentioned both of these in a recent tutorial without properly reading through and understanding the briefs i am slightly bemused by the second choice. This is because I have dabbled a bit with graphic design in the 2nd Occupational therapy project and found it to be not my cup of tea. I realise that a lot of these skills are being asked of young professional in a digital design role however. I feel that as it is a 7 week project, once i have understood how to create landing pages and also packaging design there is not much scope for other experimentation. Probably more typography and general web design which I am not too keen on exploring as a concept. I also have very little knowledge of web design and packaging design. I could see this as an opportunity to learn more about it and broaden my skill set, however I would rather have a piece of work that i am proud of and looks professional, than a beginners tutorial looking thing, which i have followed blindly, and without much experimentation.

The idea of taking an instructional/educational weather video full of fun and interesting facts and turning this information into visual communication and more appealing content to the eye sounds a lot more up my alley. Project 3 was just creating small pieces of animation whereas i envisage this as a whole video done with 3D (and possibly 2D within after effects) elements and some text as well to explain along with voiceovers. This just seems like there is a lot more to do in terms of making assets for the video. Whereas i see graphic design as just slight tweaks here and there for the majority of the length of time we have to complete the project.

Therefore to save me a lot of time and wasted effort i have decided to go ahead and green light the Met Office Brief as i feel that there is a lot more creative challenges here for me to sink my teeth into. I also am a lot more aware of the process within Cinema 4D and therefore can spend more time on testing and  experimenting different approaches within C4D. There is also the issue of which platform or how many i can cater for. As the brief states

“Consider the optimum dimensions and most appropriate format. What are the best channels and media through which to convey the information? Is animation for Instagram most effective? Or would a piece of vertical video work well on Snapchat?” YCN, 2017

I also feel more compelled to do this project for some reason, I think through project 3 and all the motion graphic skills i have learned, could translate quite seamlessly in showing types of weather or weather patterns in a loose and abstract way.

Its settled then i aim to push forward to a hopefully professional level with the skills i have been working on practically all year bar 1 project. I was keen to try something different, however having looked at the brief and whats been asked of my I just don’t feel there is enough for me to ‘chew on’.





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