An insight into the Target Audience

I decided to do a survey of the target audience (everyone) for this project to really gain an insight into how people use weather information and if they view it in text format or through videos and online media. I have posted my questions and analysis below:

I realise this is a tiny amount of ‘everybody’ in the UK, and was a general survey which was only up for a few days, however it is a small insight into a much larger picture. It also helps me to better understand how to address the main problem in the brief which is addressing the target audience, as i tried to simplify by making it solely 18 – 24 yr olds, but after the presentation i realise that this is not what the brief asked of me.

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This information shows that I have been able to gather a wide range of different responses from 18 – 64, It really helps to highlight the importance of the weather but not necessarily but the unpopularity of using the met office website specifically. It also shows a very low percentage of the target audience following the met office on social media, this could be because of there evergreen content as the majority of the participants would want to learn more about weather and were keen on the idea of 3D animation. It is also clear by a small margin that the majority of participants would prefer video over text given a choice. Therefore it is slightly reassuring for me that i am going in the right direction with this idea. It could also help to bring more attention and traffic to the met office website and make people realise it has a lot more to offer than just the forecast.

This is a really clever weather video explaining the different precipitation types that incorporates both real footage and 3D graphics through compositing and tracking. However it is still the presenter explaining how it works so still seems a bit gimmicky to me.


I still need to do more research into what goes in to making a weather video first before looking at style and content for my own video. Hopefully i will then be able to create a storyboard to give me something to work from as right now I have a very rough prototype but that’s about it. Once this is done i can look at how i can create the content while looking at the technical aspects of this project.


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