Best Structure for a series of short videos

It is hard to find any existing data on this as most of it is talking about a 3 act structure or how to write content for a video which is really not the point of these videos.

They need some sort of similar structure so it is obvious they are part of the same series but they are also completely different weather types so cannot follow a beginning middle and end scenario.

All the previous existing Met office Content starts with a 5 second intro so i will use this to promote and justify the video and hopefully this will be a clear indication of some continuity within the videos.

There are also 3 types of rain which is quite fitting as I am planning on doing three seperate videos but with a main theme so this could work really nicely as they are all still linked to the same process with slightly different preparation and results.

It also rains all the time in the U.K and although is a bit of a stale talking point do we really know why and how it rains, i.e the specifics of it all.

I am still not sure if i will be able to fit enough information about the content into 15-20 seconds however there is no real straight or true answer to how long snackable content should be and therefore i feel as long as it is shorter than 1 minute it still counts. But i really need to look into the processes of these types of rain to see which vital information needs to be shown.

Rainfall is also very relevant to the uk as its a near enough daily experience so i feel that this information is needed for people to understand why it is a constant and what effects this weather behaviour.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 15.12.01.png

This video is from the met office, however it drags on and without exciting visual content leaves the viewer bored and losing attention quickly. I aim to change this with quick snappy visuals.

However I am not too set on putting all my eggs in one basket just yet and have decided to come up with another possible concept for 3 very different weather types and storyboard these as well to see which is more interesting visually.




These could work nicely together as they tie together in a similar way.




One thought on “Best Structure for a series of short videos

  1. yeah liking this. like the ‘rain’. things missing from this post are research links man. would have been useful to get a direct specific sense of where you’d been looking and finding the contradictions, lack of consistently, etc, etc rather than just talking about them.


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