Researching “Snackable Content”

What is it?

Snackable content is a key element to your marketing strategy. As attention spans decrease, consuming media in bite-sized pieces becomes more favourable.

Halo Group

How long should it last?

Safeway worked with their agency to develop short, 15 to 20 second long videos for Facebook that focused less on selling and more on providing their audience with valuable culinary tips and cooking advice. With their new snackable videos, Safeway saw their organic reach grow more than 11x and engagement rates soar by 487%.

Ceros – 4 Great Examples

One thing to keep in mind: social is mobile. About 60% of time spent on social media is through a mobile device. Your snackable content should always be mobile optimized. If your tweet links to a blog post, that blog post should be easily viewed on a small smartphone.

I aim to produce 3 short 15 second videos showing a different weather type each time. They need to include the met office intro which will take up the first 5 seconds of the video. I also need to make them all follow a certain structure so that it is clear that they are all related. I know need to decide which 3 those will be?






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