How Might We?

Weather –

Why are people interested in weather?

Why do people need/value this information?

Why are learning resources a key part of the website?

Thirsty Water –

Why does water need to be charitable

Why does charity motivate people to buy

Why do people buy water


Why do millennials drink gin?

why does branding attract certain audiences?

why does patriotism sell?

Orchard Pig-

Why is photography key for social media

Why can orchard pig cider promote individuality

Why are people buying Orchard Pig over other cider brands

Iconic Roald Dahl –

Why are his books so popular?

Why do the drawings create so much attention?

Why do apps and e books work well and engage with young children?

Employ Autistic People?

Why is there a stigma around autism?

Why do people automatically assume the worst?

Why is it important to change perceptions?

Monotype –

Why do people stereotype others?

Why are muslims misrepresented?

Why does this optical illusion method work with type?

Nottingham Future City –

Why do people visit Nottingham?

Why should people invest in the city?

Why should people be aware of trade and exports in nottingham?


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