Oh Tell Me Why?

All Questions from a feedback session –

Why is weather science important?

As an understanding of weather and how it works could influence a lot about how we live our lives or in fact where we live. The processes behind why these things happen could be a driving force in helping to change the way we live in todays society.

Why use short videos instead of long videos?

This is a specified use of media that they mention within the brief. Therefore adhering to this new form of instant snappy informational videos would be to listen and engage with the brief.

Why use social media website instead of YouTube?

As they are only short quick videos there will hopefully be no need to redirect someone to a different site, instead they should be contained within keeping to social media to view the content.

Why do people want to know about the weather?

It affects us and our day to day lives. People are especially interested in certain days if they have an event to attend e.t.c

Why can’t we more accurately predict the weather?

I am not a scientist.

Why people should be interested in met science?

It gives a lot of information that otherwise people would be unaware of and this information needs to be shown in a way that will humour peoples imaginations as well as keep them interested for the duration of the video. Therefore keeping them short will help.

Why a short video should interest people on SM?

Along with all the studies in one of my previous blog posts about how attention spans are dropping, these short videos should help to inform people as there is such a huge amount of traffic on these sites and we seem to visit them everyday almost 24/7. In short social media is wide and diverse audience which in terms of the brief (Our target audience is everybody) is exactly where this sort of content needs to be shared.

Why should I click after seeing the short video to learn more?

As this is where the main bulk of the information will be, Sort of like channels like Tasty where the specific information can be found after watching the short video.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 16.02.24.png

What could be made that hasn’t been made before for weather?

I plan on making an animation about the three types of rain. This has been made before as a video however it drags on and is visually lacking in explaining how these differences and process work within the three types.

How do you make it interactive?

I do not intend on making it interactive however if I link the video to a more informed informational page this could be classed as some sort of interaction.

What 3D designs can I implement?

A lot, I am focusing at the moment on creating low poly styled pieces and also using soft bodies and collider bodies. Really just incorporating a lot of motion graphics and physics in the animation.

Analyse adverts using formula 3 act structure –

How could I make this work with rain videos

Prototype to highlight style


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