Story boarding and Decision Making


So after creating a simple and very rough draft of a storyboard:Met Storyboard.jpg

And speaking to several people about the two different concepts and how they would work as a group or package of work I have decided to stick with the 3 different types of rain. However I still need to figure out the exact 3 act structure for this by looking at adverts and short films to see how they are made and the journey they take. This will hopefully help to inform my own route to creating a solid structure that they all follow.

In this the three act structure is really apparent even in a very quick 30 second clip.

  1. Introduce the main characters Tom and Jerry
  2. A classic tom and Jerry chase scene (The Problem)
  3. Jerry finds safety in a ford mondeo (The solution)

Showing us the viewer how safe and secure a Ford Mondeo is.

  1. A Cat with a dull life
  2. Starts acting like a dog
  3. Because of O2?

I think the point of this is really to urge people to take more risk and spice up your life by changing your phone plan. An odd concept but there is a clear structure and message behind it.

Again a simple structure of introduction, problem and solution

  1. Meerkat Introduces himself and who he is
  2. Shows people that compare the meerkat and the market are two different sites.
  3. Solves this by explaining the difference and therefore promoting the brand.

This is a great advert from the guardian which takes an old nursery tale and twists it on its head. Although a bit longer than thirty seconds and not structured as linearly as others it still shares a story through twisting a nursery tale with more adult themes.

  1. Re introduce a classic tale but through modern day life and with a twist
  2. Frame the goat saying he deserved it and they were just defending there homes.
  3. Introduce new information which says otherwise and ends up condemning the main characters.

A really interesting concept.

And finally one more with a classic 3 Act structure.

  1. Character introduction
  2. go flying and snowman asks for a sip but boy says no
  3. snowman drops boy and steals the irn bru

Its apparently too good too share!! very simple yet very effective in showing the brands desirability.



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