Portfolio Design and Construction

I have used wix for this and the web address is:

Wix Portfolio

I found todays session really useful. There were some students that came in to review and test the portfolios and they all had some really useful insights and tips for creating a interesting portfolio.

The feedback I got from the questions:


I also took some notes along side and have since made a few changes to the website with the view to making a lot more. First the show reel needs better music as the pacing is too fast. There is also no information on the show reel about me (contact details) therefore if anyone was viewing this on anything other than the website they would have no idea where to contact me. It also became apparent from a few of the feedback conversations that it probably wasn’t a good idea to publicise a phone number and a personal email on the internet therefore i will have to look at creating a new business type email so that all the traffic (if there is any!!) gets diverted to the right place and that professionalism can go a long way also.

Also i have yet to really fill out the portfolio section. The videos are there however there is no context or explanation as to what they are or why they are relevant. This is something that i have not completely committed to yet as I wanted to have all the content completely nailed and finalised before I looked at talking about each piece. However as a place holder and also as good practice I have decided to fill this in regardless. Also the same with the about me page as it was lacking in character / personality which was a big talking point at the session today. Therefore i have updated it for now, however it still needs tweaking. I was also informed that my name was nowhere on the site and this seemed like a bit of an oversight on my part as a freelance / portfolio web page you would want to know the name of the person who you could potentially be employing. I have amended this now on my about me page however i still need to add it to the show reel along with an introduction (around 5 secs) too to give a bit more of an explanation to who i am and what i do and how to get in touch.

I also did some research to see exactly what goes in an interesting about me page:

How to Write a Killer About Me Page

All of my work and links on the site can also be viewed within 3 clicks or less which is apparently a sign of good navigation on a site. This is something I was unaware of up until today however i have edited my site so that this works. It should also help to keep people interested and keep attention spans running.


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