Problem Solving with Creative Cow

During the adding dynamics phase of the development process i came across a few problems with adding dynamics. When i added hard body tags to the rain model element it was fine and worked nicely however 1 raindrop obviously was not enough for the scene. Therefore I decided to add a cloner object to boost the amount of  raindrops being produced. On top of this I added an emitter object to create a flow of raindrop objects.

However on pressing play i found several issues with the way the cloner objects were behaving, as they were all behaving slightly differently i was distressed as i didn’t think it would be an easy fix. Some of them were fine, some were flying left and right not down to the ground (normal gravity) some were bouncing of the hills in an unnatural fashion.

Therefore I decided to consult Creative Cow, I found a somewhat similar query which is apparently quite a common problem at the moment ( I just downloaded a new version of Cinema 4D) Therefore it was apparently a relatively quick fix as one of the settings on the dynamics tabs was hidden and therefore I couldn’t see it on looking for it initially, but a simple quick search solved this issue.

All in all it is a very handy website as I literally google searched the issue and it was one of the first hits on the page. I will definitely use it again as it seems to be quite popular within the creative community and is constantly being updated.


Creative COW Forum Page


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