The Videos So Far…..

So far I have completed 2 of the 3 videos I am on schedule to make. Once I have completed all 3 i can then start to test these with the general public and also with industry professionals on sites like C4D Cafe and also specific Facebook groups. I have already written some questions which i think will help me to understand the needs of the consumer and also some questions related to rendering and lighting techniques aimed at the ‘Egg Heads’.

Frontal Rainfall

Relief Rainfall

Convectional Rainfall

Under Construction…


After feedback, it is clear that it could be made more obvious what is going on. The music works well. The Font and explanations need work, however I already knew this really as i rushed the text and it looks it. However I am not sure if i have time now to create call outs. Therefore I might have to letterbox the video and add in text above and below the video.


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