Creating the umbrella for the 3rd video

This was a new addition as i felt that the 3rd video was missing something as it is the most easily explainable video, therefore i decided a nice touch would be to add an umbrella to the rainy scene. I initially thought it would be easy to get a ready made 3D model of the internet as this would speed things up. However this was not the case and there were no free models available. Therefore i turned to my old and trusty friend Greyscale Gorilla.

Not only did they have a really quick and straight forward way to make an umbrella there was also Mo Spline integration meaning that the model was also fully animated when completed. This saved me so much time and also taught me a lot about the use of Mo Splines. I quickly added this too the scene along with hard bodies so that the rain would interact with the umbrella, and began the render…


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