Testing and Survey Questions for YCN Competition

Although I have not left enough time to make any real changes to my final product i still realise that testing is a key phase in any creative process and therefore I have done some surveys both on social media sites and also on more specific motion graphics and C4D sites.

During the process I decided it would be a good idea to host two separate surveys with different questions. Therefore I came up with two different survey questions:

Survey for general public (Target Audience)

(Survey Posted on Facebook.)

What is your age?

To gauge the exact ages of the participants, This is key as the animations are meant to be universal in terms of the target audience being absolutely everyone, young and old alike.

Did you know about different Rainfall types?

To see if they have already been educated in these types of weather conditions and processes.

Did you learn anything from these videos?

To see how effective these videos have been towards the target audience. To gauge how much understanding went on in the participants.

Would you be interested in finding out more about weather after watching these videos?

To see if this kind of thing stimulated people into finding out more and wanting to see more of this explanatory weather content.

How visually appealing are the videos?

This is more of a general question to see how the style and pacing of the videos effected the participants.

Does the music work well with the video?

Again this was really just to double check that i had the right sort of music to match the pace and overall mood of the videos.

Do you feel that the text is sufficient to explain the process throughout all three videos?

This was for my own understanding of how people used the text that was embedded within the videos. As I have done so much research into the three types of rain that I look at it a lot differently and with a lot more understanding than people who don’t have a clue what they are watching when put into a test environment.


Survey for Industry Professionals and Specific 3D Creatives.

(Posted on C4D Cafe, Work In Progress Forum)

Do you think the use of motion graphics is an effective way of showcasing this information?

Quite a general question to gauge where the effectiveness of the use of motion graphics for a project such as this.

Do you notice a link between all three videos?

To see how effectively the three videos link up with one and other. And present themselves as part of a trilogy.

Is the low poly style clear enough?

How effective is the low poly style within the 3D animations. Is it immediately noticeable / is it obvious to the viewer.

Do you think just using physical sky and global illumination is an efficient way of lighting these scenes?

Another more technical question considering its nature to understand the efficiency of lighting techniques.

What would you do to improve these videos?

To help me gain an insight into what real creative professionals think of these videos. Also to help me gain more knowledge about how to make a quality and professional looking video. This questions was really asking more about the method behind the animations as well as just asking for more advice about them. This was also a chance for people to comment on things that maybe I hadn’t brought up in my survey questions.

These are both survey questions and I hope to get a few responses back from each to really help inform my next steps. Although I do not really have time to make that many changes to the final product due to rendering and editing in after effects taking a lot longer than expected for the first 3 drafts. Therefore I aim to at least explain and discuss the changes i would have made if i had more time to produce quality, finished and polished work.



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