Feedback for the Industrial Professionals and Specific 3D creatives and designers.


So for  the other survey i decided to post it on a well known C4D forum (C4D Cafe) to get some proper advice and testing from people who really know what they’re talking about in terms of the technical processes behind the animation. This was really useful as it gave me a lot more perspective of what i needed to be doing in order to make it look a lot more professional and i really came to terms with what goes in to making a proper scene in Cinema 4D.

Although I got considerably less responses than the Facebook survey it was still good to receive feedback from people who work with this program on a daily basis. I also left it up for considerably less time (7 days) as it took me a bit longer to write the technical questions and also time restrictions meant I just had to grab the data a lot sooner than i would have liked purely so I could use the data in my blog.

Do you think the use of motion graphics is an effective way of showcasing this information?

Quite a general question to gauge where the effectiveness of the use of motion graphics for a project such as this.


Do you notice a link between all three videos?

To see how effectively the three videos link up with one and other. And present themselves as part of a trilogy.q2.PNG

Is the low poly style clear enough?

How effective is the low poly style within the 3D animations. Is it immediately noticeable / is it obvious to the viewer.q3.PNG

Do you think just using physical sky and global illumination is an efficient way of lighting these scenes?

Another more technical question considering its nature to understand the efficiency of lighting techniques. q4.PNGq4-2.PNG

What would you do to improve these videos?

To help me gain an insight into what real creative professionals think of these videos. Also to help me gain more knowledge about how to make a quality and professional looking video. This questions was really asking more about the method behind the animations as well as just asking for more advice about them. This was also a chance for people to comment on things that maybe I hadn’t brought up in my survey questions.


This was a really good experience for me as so far i have only tested my work on friends and family really (Facebook) so to get a proper grasp of what the industry expects really helped me to understand my craft a lot more. The comments were all so useful and varied. This gave me an idea of what to expect in the future and what i can do to really propel myself forward. I think a lot more work needs to go into lighting and how i would do that efficiently without the use of GI. As clearly this is one of the reasons that my renders are taking so damn long to complete!



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