Feedback Response

Unfortunately I just don’t have the time to go back and change anything as that would mean re rendering everything which would be completed a few days later than the deadline let alone a few hours. Therefore I have decided to highlight the issues that have become apparent through feedback and talk through how i would have addressed them given more time. So at least I can explain the changes and edits that need to happen in ordered to make myself, the client and the target audience a bit more pleased with the end result.

However it was good to get feedback surrounding the more technical areas that i wanted to test e.g lighting and low poly styles. Therefore if i did have time i would definitely work on different types of lighting and research into that to see what would be the best way forward. I would also look into render settings as i feel this is something that i definitely slipped up on and therefore have left myself no time to make changes as it would simply take to long. It is something i am heavily depending on for project 5 so will definitely research into the things that really slow it down and how to render in a time efficient way. This should hopefully give me the necessary time to create really top quality content for C-Tex.








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