Researching into Animated Text effects

After realising through testing and feedback that simply overlaying text over the top of my animations was really lacklustre and ineffective. Although I do not think i have enough time to actually create new text for the animations, I decided to do some more research into different methods of animating and incorporating text into scenes without it feeling rushed and just generally a bit rubbish and unprofessional.

YouTube was unsurprisingly my first port of call as with most technical and instructional research.

However i felt that this particular example would be a bit too much for my animations and i felt that i needed something a bit more subtle and understated but still interesting and effective.

I think this kind of call out style could be very effective as it also highlights the area that it is referencing and doesn’t stop the viewer from watching the animation. Their attention is drawn to the point of conversation and then sprung out to develop the information.

These are also a very efficient way of showing this information. I like the style of this as it is very minimal perfect for a non obtrusive way of highlighting certain areas of the animation.

I also found some free call out templates which could come in handy as they would speed up the process so i could maybe even do some mock ups of what the animations would look like with more professional text. Call Out Titles

I then decided to look further into text animation and different types text as well as just using call outs this is an effective way to show professionalism within a brand and also to show my skills as an animator. I found this really useful website entry which outlines a lot of different types of text animation all using Adobe After Effects.  10 Essential Text Tutorials.

This has definitely helped me understand why these techniques are used and also the benefit from them. It is a shame I didn’t use some of these skills in my Met Office videos, however after some solid research I can definitely see the purpose and skill behind these videos and it is definitely something i will use in the future to boost the credibility and enjoyment of my work.

Hopefully this information will come in handy. Although this may not be used for project 4 due to my poor time management, it is still useful and could help inform my work process for project 5 both to create effective text animation and to push my professionalism and working after effects skills.




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