Website (Portfolio) Progression and Prototypes

Adobe Portfolio – Initial Prototype

Adobe Portfolio


This was my initial starting point as I added things to my Behance account and found that, as it was an adobe-based site everything from here was being stored. This made everything available in portfolio form so I decided to see what they would look like on Adobe portfolio. Initially I was impressed with the ease of use and functionality of the cross platform transfer. However I quickly realised that it was actually really too straightforward and there was no real way to personalise and modify the layout. Therefore, it ended up looking a lot like every single other portfolio on there and I thought I could do a lot better than this. It also lacked any real format like front-page portfolio contact page etc. It all just all felt a bit clunky in general and therefore I cut the whole thing and decided to go for a more wholesome approach, which could cover all the bases I needed to feel like I had a proper platform for all my work.

Behance Profile


Wix Design 1


After realising the faults in Adobe Portfolio, I needed a proper website. Wix was the place I had to visit. I had used it before for other projects and felt that it had so much potential for interactivity and functionality. This was my first attempt at creating a showcase for my work. However, I was not happy with the corporate feel it gave off. It also took a while to scroll all the way to the bottom and the whole thing just felt overly complicated for the simplicity that i wanted. In addition, it just felt beige and a bit plain with too much unnecessary stuff on the main page. I wanted my show reel on the main page as soon as you entered the website so that it draws you in immediately. This is also one of the main point of having a portfolio online and would be key in securing a job and grabbing the attention of potential future employers. Therefore, this design had to go.

Wix Design 2Capture3.PNG

For this design, I thought I would change the design up completely and decided on some wacky backgrounds. While I was initially pleased, I soon realised that the rest of the website looked poorly made. The title at the top is just shockingly bad. The links underneath each video do not look to be at a professional graphic standard and look out of place. As well, I almost did this one back to front as the portfolio pieces were on the front page and the link would then be to the same video with a description defeating the point of putting the video on the front page in the first place. I felt again that the absence of an immediate show reel also put me at a disadvantage. However, I did like the drop shadow that I added as I feel it lifts the subject out from the (rather obscure) background. So again I unfortunately had to scrap this idea.

Wix Design 3Capture2.PNG

Finally, I felt I at least had the right look and feel with this one. This is early stages so obviously the content is not mine however, the idea of placing the show reel front of stage definitely felt right and looked professional like most of the examples of existing animators online profiles and portfolios.  Having the contact information right there as well is a great addition. However, I felt this was not relevant for a front page, as this should purely being showing off skill and talent. If you like, what you see then you can navigate further into the website. Also the rest of the portfolio stuff should be on a separate page i feel. The use of the logo was an idea that definitely grabbed my attention and was a way of making your website memorable and making it stand out from the thousands of others out there. It gives it an identity.

Final Wix Design

Design8 – Online Portfolio


This design was a keeper and is the first base for my final portfolio. I added small contact icons but there is little text on the main page and the show reel starts as soon as the page loads so no click is needed to get straight to the action. However I was not too keen on the top navigational bar. it seemed to stocky and a bit mediocre. So I knew i would be changing that to make it more streamlined with the website. The logo was definitely a keeper and as I created within Wix there was no need to transfer files or convert it to a PNG.  I added a seperate portfolio page with a drop down list if you know exactly where you want to go but otherwise the portfolio page will take you here…

Drop Down List


Portfolio Page


I still have to more section to add to even it out but you get the idea of layout etc. I also changed the navigation bar to look a lot more subtle and this works a lot better with the overall style of the webpage. Once of the pictures is clicked on the next page is this ….


The full version of video that has been shown in the show reel in a few short seconds. However as was mentioned in one of the feedback sessions from a professional creative there is actually no information about the piece and so i needed to add a little blurb on the side describing the details and the roles i played in each piece of work shown in the portfolio. I also added the logo to this page and then decided that actually it should be present on all pages to show brand awareness and repetition.

Feedback and Testing Session


I used this information to take all portfolio pieces and move them to a separate page. Just leaving the main show reel on the main page. I also put more effort into the logo as it used to be grey and very corporate looking.


The show reel was a hit with most people that viewed it. The main concern was the fact that it lacked any information on how to contact me whatsoever. Therefore this is a pretty serious edit that i need to make in order to progress and gain traction as an animator.




This was more for me as there have been a lot of discussions in class as to whether this is an appropriate move and whether or not it would look good. Clearly from this information I stuck to my initial thoughts and decided to keep this website as purely a portfolio and a platform for showcasing my best pieces of  work.



This is what I mentioned earlier that it was lacking information about each individual project. Therefore i added more about it so that anyone viewing it would find out more and have a clearer idea of what why when and where.

Therefore i decided to make a few changes – Adding more text to the portfolio pieces to identify them more appropriately




I also updated all content and showreel to provide more information. I also updated the photo and it is now a much more recent snap!





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