Control Box Issues

For the 2nd video I was tasked to create a control box which to my knowledge, in that context, was just a box for cables and fuses etc. So I set to work on creating a fairly basic box with handle and this is what i got.


However upon talking to the client and receiving some feedback on what exactly this box was and its uses within the garment and warehouse type setting in general we soon both agreed that this was not really appropriate to show in the videos as it could be very misleading.



It seems the real name of the control box was a “Industrial PC Cabinet”. This meant back to the drawing board for me however I already had a smaller version of the lower section of the cabinet so at least I didn’t have to start from complete scratch.


Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 12.01.40.png


I then figured out a neat way to film around a single object which I explain in The camera movement post.


And this was the final outcome.





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