Call out placement within animated segments of the videos.

As I am only creating the 3D and not making the call outs as well we needed to be very clear about where the call outs would be placed once the animations were rendered and if there was enough space for them in the final edits. We discussed where they would be placed on the screen so I could create the 3D videos with that in mind. We discussed what ratio would suit this best and then I worked from there. This is something that I had to think about very carefully as if i used the wrong ratio or camera movement then it could make the callouts look very bad and therefore unusable.


As you can see from these images the call out positioning works well with the 3D animations and provides ample space for call outs to be added. This helps the usability of the animations as the call outs can be easily read and do not look like it is crammed up all in one frame.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 10.25.38.png

As you can see from my previous blogs I created loads of different variations of the animation that this photo is taken from. Therefore it was very relieving to see this final piece with the correct callout and positioning as it took a while and a lot of back and forth throughout the project, to get all the correct element and spacing for the 3D animations so the callouts would fit in to place within the 3D.


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