Professional feedback – Project 5


Three Heads Are Better Than One springs to mind…

Throughout this project it has been very beneficial to acquire as much feedback as possible. As well as collating and analysing my own feedback it has also been tested with other professionals in the industry. This is courtesy of other members of the group and is another reason why working in a group has been such a vital and influential part of this procedure. It means that as a group we have been able to spread the videos far and wide and have managed to gather a lot more data and constructive critiques of the videos than if this had been a one man project.

Josh received some feedback from a company that he did a placement for and they gave feedback on a lot of different aspects of the video however I have only taken the 3D part of the feedback so as to highlight my specific role in the team.


“Video editor 2: I agree also agree, the 3d PC could have been textured to make it more interesting.”

This is valuable feedback and given time to re-render and texture the PC, this is something I would definitely consider to bring more interesting and visually eye catching content to the videos.

Other than this they were happy with the 3D elements within the videos and I am quite pleased that these feedback sessions have gone so smoothly.



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