Feedback from C4D Café forum

After my last post I revisited the site to see if anyone had left feedback from the two videos I posted and these were the results:

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 19.28.52Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 19.28.58Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 19.29.09Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 19.29.16

Although there were not loads of responses it is good to get at least a few which directly relate to the questions I asked. It shows that people on the forums have more to say than if you just use a simple Survey monkey style questionnaire as this gives a lot more room for explanations tips and tricks.

This basically supported my suspicion that there is almost no need for a GI element as the light boxes (light dome) have done a good job lighting the scene efficiently. It is also apparent that the shadows may be the reason that the realistic feel is not complete. This can be seen in the latest control box update with the shadowing ending up looking like two different materials have been used. This will need to be edited and now that I have some suggestions on how to do that I feel a lot more confident doing so.

There is mention of trying out an HDRI for reflections however I really haven’t the need for much reflection and therefore don’t think i will use this technique. Also studio HDRI was mentioned however this is a very costly setup and considering I can get a pretty similar effect without having to fork out for a professional lighting kit this is not an option i can implement. Although for my re renders i will try adding some slight bevelling to help with reflections. However I feel that using GI on top of this process will just push the render time through the roof and therefore will be pretty ineffective in the time we have left to complete the project.

It was also mentioned by an esteemed colleague that the computer used within the control box videos would be made more visually effective if screenshots of the software were added to show that there is a reason for them being there e.t.c so this will also be added in to hopefully boost all aspects of the animations.



Searching for Feedback!

I still feel that I am struggling with the lighting and also just looking for more professional feedback from seasoned pros and experts within C4D. Instead of using survey monkey to ask basic yes or no questions, which don’t provide much in the way of helpful and constructive feedback and criticism, I have decided to post in the C4D Café forums to see if any expert motion graphic designers can help to push me forward in the right direction and give some much needed feedback and advice. The last time I used this I also included a survey. However I have realised that the questions I was asking were a bit constricting in there answers and I have decided to just let people give more general and personal feedback which could help me uncover things I didn’t even consider. In short i have realised that a simple yes or no answer to a question that might not even be relevant to the information I am really trying to collect from the survey is not a very productive way of thinking and leaves no option for any other answers or feedback.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 12.41.57.png

Hopefully this approach will reach more of a technically minded audience. I will also be sending out the completed videos along with the filming that we did yesterday to some of the clients clients (target audience) as this will be the real test in terms of completing and solving the visual communication problem at the heart of this project.

Catering for an international audience – Design Methods

This is something that as a group we all have to consider when creating our videos. As well as the actual language used it is also necessary to look further than that and consider different colour theory for different countries and the eastern hemisphere. Therefore I decided to look at several sources to see if I could find some pointers and tips to point me in the right direction.

Designing for an International Audience

Although all these links are more related to web design it is also important to consider several elements relating to colour and also the specific audience within the different countries.

“Studies have shown blue to be the least offensive color for international audiences, which explains why so many websites use “corporate blue.””

“For example, on a dashboard widget in Western countries, green means great, red means danger. In China, those colors are reversed and have the exact opposite meaning because culturally, red is a sign of happiness and well being. White is typically a sign of purity, clarity and innocence, but again, in Asian cultures, it symbolizes death and mourning.”

This is very important to consider during my own design process making sure to use non bias and non threatening colours.

“The difference is obvious. Chinese audiences prefer a much more cluttered home page with loads of information cramped in, while English audiences prefer a cleaner interface with a few neat categorisations.”

Design from East to West

Could this be true of Visual animated content as well and if so would this effect the Chinese market if we tried to simplify everything to cater for a solely western market?

Although I am not really involved with the call outs and translation of them into several different languages (outlined in the brief) I came across a website through doing this research. I have suggested in the group chat that google translate might not be the most effective and efficient way of collecting a wide range of translations in a short period of time. It is also risky as it is more often than not incorrect. More political blunders in the link below!

Why Relying on Google Translate is a Bad Idea

The website is called Phrase app and translates from within the app to help efficiency within international companies on a project by project level. Although this is not the purpose of our project the reliability and accuracy is a lot higher as this is a standalone platform.Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 18.01.22.png Forget Google Translate 3 Ways to get Accurate Translations

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 18.19.30.png

I also found a few cheaper alternatives, however there is a free 14 day trial with phrase app which is all we need considering the project deadline is the 12th of May.



Group Efficiency and working as a team

Throughout this final project process it has been very beneficial to work as part of a team as these skills will be needed for future projects working within a design studio and or freelance team.

In order to work effectively and to tight deadlines it has been essential to communicate and meet regularly. Our last meeting as a team was with the client on Wednesday, where i also acted as a runner during the filming process. We also keep in constant contact with each other through online messaging (Facebook messenger) Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 17.43.52.png

This means that we are constantly checking up on each other and motivating each other. This is something I really value within a team as it is good to get a sense of what stages everyone is at so that you don’t feel that you are falling behind everyone or vice versa. It is also good to get constant feedback even if that is from members of the team, it still helps to get an idea of the direction the 3D elements need to be / are going.


Inspection Machine ISSUES! (development and file conversions)

As well as the control box there was also a massive change in the actual Inspection Machine. This happened because when I mentioned I had made my own inspection machine during a client meeting yesterday the client mentioned that they already had a 3D model of this and asked if i could integrate this in my own animation as using this would make more sense to the the client. As they would have more of an understanding of what was being shown and how to measure it correctly etc. This made perfect sense as C-Tex homemade model was way more detailed (and impressive) than my basic and quickly made model that I have been using in all the prototype scenes so far.


However this was just the start of this complicated procedure. The jpeg above looked amazing, however as this was a proper CAD Model the file structure was practically alien to me. So I had some work to do…


I had no clue what program to even run this on so of course google was my first port of call as I figured I needed to convert it to .c4d or at the very least a .obj which I was sure also ran on Cinema 4D.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 13.26.31.png

As you can see from the image above all my panicking was for nothing as far as converting it to something else and I wasn’t about to pay for a whole Solidworks program. Therefore I went straight to the online conversion website. Here I was able to convert this file into a .OBJ *PHEW!*

I then tried opening this in C4D. But again that would just be too easy wouldnt it. I then searched how to do this as i was certain it would be able to read it however maybe I was missing something….


And Hey Presto!

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 13.35.59.png

It worked and I was surprised at how quickly I was able to solve this problem. I then added the cork style texture onto the rollers. Next up lighting…


The final Outcome….


Control Box Issues

For the 2nd video I was tasked to create a control box which to my knowledge, in that context, was just a box for cables and fuses etc. So I set to work on creating a fairly basic box with handle and this is what i got.


However upon talking to the client and receiving some feedback on what exactly this box was and its uses within the garment and warehouse type setting in general we soon both agreed that this was not really appropriate to show in the videos as it could be very misleading.



It seems the real name of the control box was a “Industrial PC Cabinet”. This meant back to the drawing board for me however I already had a smaller version of the lower section of the cabinet so at least I didn’t have to start from complete scratch.


Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 12.01.40.png


I then figured out a neat way to film around a single object which I explain in The camera movement post.


And this was the final outcome.




Finalised Script / Storyboard for Video 3 (Training)

This storyboard (courtesy of Adam) is mostly info graphics as it is focusing on a screen recording however there is still some input that i can help with and i have been tasked to create the computer as the storyboard ones are just a laptop and this would be unrealistic in the type of environment the software will be being used in. This will be quite simple to make as I have already made an animation using the computer from video 1.

This is a simple animation that just helps to add a bit more motion and excitement into an otherwise dull and quite slow video.